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Partner Profile

Khalid Riad Atmeh
Managing Partner


Khalid is a Jordanian national. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the prestigious University of Aleppo in Syria. Khalid was admitted as an advocate at the Jordanian Bar Association in 1992.

Khalid is an exclusive Managing Partner of both offices of Ali Habib & Associates. He issues instructions, guidance and supervision, and manages the operations of both our Abu Dhabi and Dubai offices so as to provide a unified, coordinated and coherent response to enquiries from and disputes raised by clients. He treats and cares about colleagues like the head of a family, and lets each member grow and benefit from his flexibility, patience and longstanding excellent experience.

With the clients’ best interests in mind, in the first instance Khalid helps clients resolve disputes amicably and does not straightway suggest that a court case be filed. His advice and experience usually allow clients to settle their issues outside court. Where all efforts to settle the matter amicably have been exhausted, he acts very quickly and effectively to file or defend the client at court or arbitration, whichever is the appropriate forum to settle the issue.

Khalid is independently recognised as a leading lawyer. He has extensive expertise in managing the delivery of legal services and is well experienced in working closely alongside teams in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to deliver excellent service to clients.

Khalid specialises in acting for clients in relation to complex, contentious and non-contentious matters, large-scale technical and commercial disputes and has considerable experience in advising clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings, mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions, whether at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre or the Dubai Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre, Chamber of Commerce, or Commercial Conciliation Committee.

Khalid has practised as a legal consultant for more than 16 years in the UAE, during which time he has gained and developed a wide range of excellent experience in advising local, regional and foreign investors, public companies, suppliers, traders; owners, shareholders, operators, employers, main contractors, sub-contractors, charters – in relation to energy, oil and gas, engineering and construction projects, banking, financial institutions, bonds (securitisations, project bonds, high-yield, convertible, and exchangeable bonds and Islamic bond issuances) and Islamic Sharia banking transactions, real estate, trustees, breach of contract, property damage and other product liability. He has mediated and litigated complex insurance coverage disputes, marine casualty and sale contract disputes, complex bill of lading, shipping litigation, telecoms, financial services and insurance, as well as disputes arising from shareholder and joint venture agreements individuals and third party advisors, employment and insolvency issues, liquidation of companies, and contract negotiations.

Khalid has expertise in drafting pleadings, overall submissions, claims and counterclaims; correspondence, preparing detailed executive summaries, and formulating effective strategies to handle cases. From the purely and plainly legal point of view, Khalid has developed an innovative approach to interpreting the contractual relationship of the parties in order to present the case before UAE courts and tribunals.